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Nice to meet you


Tayden Dental Consulting Services in Calgary was developed in 2010  to focus on service in dental practices.

How important it is to the practice’s success…and how to deliver it exquisitely and consistently. Despite our attention to clinical detail, we know that dental patients don’t talk about crown margins and calculus at dinner parties…when asked about their dentist they talk about how they feel and the service they receive.
At Tayden Consulting, we take the time to get to know you and discover your goals for yourself, your team and your practice. Through observation, we gain an understanding of the office dynamics and potential areas of improvement. Additionally, we will provide you with an honest, professional assessment and a clear path for moving forward.
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Meet our Dental Consultants in Calgary

Mitch Peters, RDH,

President of Tayden Consulting Inc.

Mitch Peters discovered in the early days of working at her father’s restaurant that service was her passion. A career as a Dental Hygienist was a natural step into the next level of service. For over 25 years, Mitch has helped her patients reach their dental health goals and many of her first patients continue to see her for dental care. In 2008 she began working with dental teams to implement the communication skills, systems, and protocols necessary for delivering exceptional service.

Mitch Peters created Tayden Consulting in 2010 to coach dental teams in their quest to provide a higher level of service to their patients. Hence creating a healthy oral environment is critical…the patient’s feelings about how they’re treated determine the depth of their commitment.

Jill Abraham, BA,

Project Assistant at Tayden Consulting Inc.

Jill Abraham brings her passion for creating exceptional customer experiences to Tayden Consulting. Twenty years ago Jill began her career in the hospitality and tourism industry where she became inspired by the positive impact exceptional service had on her clients, her co-workers and herself. Afterward, serving as a Team Leader in various roles Jill has enjoyed building successful, efficient and gratifying work environments.

Ten years ago Jill brought her passion for people to the dental industry. Whether it is meeting new patients on the telephone or discussing treatment plans, Jill believes successful relationships are built one at a time, with an approachable kindness and great detail to extraordinary service.

Chantelle Park, RDA,

Consultant at Tayden Consulting Inc.

Chantelle Park has always been intrigued with the field of dentistry, therefore, it was an easy decision for her to pursue dentistry and earn her RDA II at a young age.  Working in busy dental offices, Chantelle was eager to learn every aspect of dental assisting, ensuring her patient’s needs were consistently met and their expectations always exceeded.  Over the last twenty years, Chantelle’s role as a dental assistant has developed into that of a leader and mentor.

Eager to broaden her knowledge and challenge herself, in 2015 Chantelle began working as a Consultant with Tayden Consulting Inc.  When working with dental teams Chantelle brings her clinical expertise, a passion for dentistry and a positive attitude that is truly contagious.    

"We Know Dentistry Because We Work In Dentistry"